Short plays and longer (playful) theatricalizations; Performance Art to Readations; Textallations to the Performance of Print; The Roving Performance Lab of the Elastic Circus of the Revolution to The Clandie Shoppe; Shouted Sememes to Round Rugs and good ol’ public readings; #yekshab1 and the Performance of Participation; The Job as a-Performative Action/Inaction. And more: across time and space, across languages and geographic regions, across forms and disciplines, my work in/through/around theatre and performance has opened possibilities for my own creative ventures while also pushing the languages and boundaries of performativity. I’ve even come to think of ‘teaching’ and ‘lecturing’ as a full-blown branch of performance art, while positioning, theorizing and putting into action what others call ‘higher ed administration’ as a curatorial and clandestine performance–see, Le Chaise (Yes, Le). A universe of exploration and creation brought through various textworks, conceptual pieces and new forms and multimedia constructions and interventions, along with more traditional theatre and performance: with more than 50 public performances, and over many extended guerrilla actions, in New York and Paris, in Bologna and Girona, in Puebla and Santo Domingo. A few other highlights include: Feature Performance Solo at The Bowery Poetry Club (2010); Invited residencies at Museo Amparo in Puebla, Mexico and MAMBo—Museo de Arte Moderno of Bologna (2015-16); as well as residencies at Marble House Project and The Swimming Hole Foundation.

More recently, I put into action:

> The Last Bargain of Young Mephisto (2021: Roving Performance Lab at ECR; first performed in Harlem in spring 2021 by myself and Oriana Parsa);

> /ˈsen(t)əns/ , an unfolding participatory litpiece that was first enacted 2021 at Hot Wood Arts as part of the pop-up Remnants show in Brooklyn, NYC, October 2021;

> The marathon performative/musical performance and “a manic embodied pluridisciplinary reckoning” {frst rvlt} in which is fashioned an anatomy of the first rebellion in The Americas, on the occasion of its quintocentenario. {frst rvlt} is a volume of ¡ôwhatarevolution! And part of the {La Zona: Trilogia}. This premiere happened with  the band Yes Exactly Yes; 12/11/21; Hot Wood Arts. Brooklyn, New York.

* Video:

* Audio:

> in the labyrinth of forestial sunspots i will always vanquish the dreaded beasts This was performed at Swimming Hole Foundation, Bearsville, New York, on June 26, 2022.