Initiatives & Innovations

From literature to museum work. From artistic intervention to university engagement. Within fields and disciplines and beyond: crossing all lines. Creating new forms. Generating new systems. Going a-grammatical: that is, knowing the ways things function, the grammar of things, and fashioning innovations.

At the vangarde: no shame in saying–and yes, I do think there will always be one or many vangardes at play. Searching and finding new ways. Initiating and implementing. Streets-smarts and other types of smarts to galvanize, and forge forth and make things happen.

At many levels–from the atomic to the macro–in many spheres of practice, in a host of disciplines, with various segments of society and in different geographic locations. Transformations with intellectual rigor and genuine desire and systemic considerations and always an authentic canvasing of possibilities.

An anarchistic ethos and a savoir-vivre combined. Along with the personal mode of being and circulating. Navigating it all. Distant and hermetic, yet all-in too, somehow. The vangarde. Fashioning newness, and enjoying what there is, to whatever extent possible. A way of being and becoming. (Best way to dig into it: navigating this site, and then from there onwards…)