Litteramundi I and Litteramundi II came out in June 2022 in Paris!

  • “…Is he French, Iranian, American, or is he French, Persian or English. Is he a land or a language? Cacophonies, he is, of countries that can no longer protect their borders against this nasty intruder… Amir Parsa: the polyvocal defiance of the subject. His, ours, everyone’s. The polylocal embracing of not/being there… He writes for a tomorrow that will never come because “arrival” is no longer among its illusions. The vertiginous gusto of his narrative is the reeling roll of that future as we can only imagine to hear it now… It is the sight of a promise that he intimates that blinds and frightens me. There is thus something quite unsettling about his vision that blinds me, something figurative, uncanny… He is abusive of our trust in terra firma. He seems to be teaching us how to fly – with words… His, if anything, is a post-national read, a post-categorical writing, a post-immigrant thought. He is post about anything and everything…” Hamid Dabashi, Columbia University