Poetics & Politics

I champion the creation of new forms, new genres, new types of endeavors. That is where one can create new conceptions of the world, new relationships with the self and others, and generate new ways of living and becoming.

I believe deeply in the melding of theory and practice–a praxis. Research is not separate from the creative/critical work, but is infused within the work. It is integrated and is woven into the fabric of the final object/product/non-object through the result of investigations into form, style, and many other parameters of the piece.

I tend to be very neo-anarchist, post/trans-national, neo-disciplinary. New poetics. New politics. Always in motion. Fluid and flexible and adjusting. Finding situations, navigating a complex and interwoven web of a world. Writing, creating, contributing, with all that comes your way given your poetics and politics. I live it. Carry on. Forge forth.