ŘŌBÔÉTÀ, the book, is a paean to the invitation to new reading rituals.

ŘŌBÔÉTÀ, the fictional poet of Brooklyn Yards, put the theatricality of reading (and writing, of course) in motion! Indeed, through various texts and co-writing with yours truly…

ŘŌBÔÉTÀ ushers in
a different form of literary emergence.
(And that itself is polemical—) Indeed, a poetics of
textual emergence is generated through
the scriptural strategies, one that
radically transforms the literary
experience. With the tools used and
the mark-making and the sequencing,
the unfinished words and sentences and
text can look like a foreign language
until they all coalesce and become
a whole. A new form of emergence—and
thus, new ways of reading. New speeds
of, and for, reading. New expectations
and rituals of reading: a new reading
experience. I invite you to new forms of
literary emergence and to a new ritual
for reading, and a new consciousness
around the possibilities of linguistic
and textual representations and
alphabetically constructed worldvisions! (from ŘŌBÔÉTÀ)