The Clandies

‘Clandies’ (short for Clandestine works or various iterations, such as The Folios of the Clandestine Diffusion) are works that generate customized distribution mechanisms, that is: for each entity (human or other), the ‘format’ of the work and the distribution system might actually change.

The first Clandie was Le Chaise (Yes, Le), publiced in 2016. (That’s right: it’s ‘publiced’, as in ‘made public’, sounds like ‘publiked’–not a typo!) Since, I have generated shorter works that are also Clandies. A much larger and in process piece (and that actually was the first Clandie conceptualized) is: One Day Soon I Will be the New Emperor of the New Persian Empire Just You Wait And See (And We Will All Live Happily Ever After). (The shorter ‘Clandie’ name is ODSI|NuEmp|JYWAS|AWWALHEA). Also, as it stands right now, the entire 11-part, multimediatic, multilingual, multi- and neo- disciplinary ¡owhatarevolution! is also a Clandie–the only ‘series’ that functions under that general umbrella. What I call a Grand or Super Clandie.

As a consequence of this innovative clandestine and selective public-making, the FIRST iteration of this disseminatory practice goes into the books as the official year/time it was public-ed.

Some works are so damn timely (and funky) and fun that at some point, they may have a more conventional public-ation. In any case, the first ‘edition’ will always correspond to the date it was first ‘public-ed’.

When the year/time of the work being public-ed corresponds to a year it was also more widely and conventionally distributed, the public-ation date corresponds to the public-ed-ation date. Again though, in all cases, the date of the first public-ed-ation is forever referred to as the date of the first public-making, and goes down as such in all books.