Series & Suites +

Conglomeration of works… Collections, ensembles, ways that works are connected…

At times, the works and the ensemble/collection is conceived at same time; at times, one is conceived and then the works fall into it; and at others still, works are completed, and over time, the gathering, the conglomerate, comes into existence.

Might go this way all the way into naming the whole oeuvre, one thing…


The Series are more in the line of diptychs and Trilogies etc.

The Suites are more along the lines of gatherings that are connected through some mechanism.

A work can be in one series and one suite, but not in two different series or two different suites. (I can make exceptions of course!)

Themes I think of as connections through content.

Threads I think of as connective tissues through a different ‘parameter’. A line, for example, or a pattern…

I’ll add as the overall works continue.

For now, a sampling:

Suites: (Add the word ‘suite’ after each title…)

  • ADZ: The Degree Zero of Art
  • Poetics
  • Zona Colonial de Santo Domingo
  • The Atomic Suite
  • With
  • Epika
  • Educata
  • Francophonophilia!
  • American Teen Y