I think of the Series as a compendium of works within (roughly) the same discipline, while the Suites bring together works across disciplines/fields. Overall: a body of work that generates, with extreme nuance and subtlety, a way of understanding, interpreting, being and becoming in the world, while embodying action and transformation. Series and Suites constitute conglomerations and constellations that fashion a universe of relationships across my own works, and the implantation of a vision through an expanded network of connections. At times, these groupings are concvied before the works, at others, they are revealed throughout the process, and at times, they are actualized after I see the connections between pieces. Still, all passes through the creation of new forms, an unapologetic thrust into new methods of creation and new tactics for implementation and circulation. A vision of the world that  fancies itself an epistemology, an anthropology, a veritable philosophical-poetic venture: the highest aspiration for literature–in my estimation.

The Series and Suites include, among others:

The SERIES: Atomic Lit Tetralogy (1. Feu l’encre/Fable; 2. Sil & Anses; 3. La revolution n’a pas encore eu lieu; 4. Erre); Art Degre Zero Trilogy (1. Le Chaise (Yes, Le); 2. The Complete NothingDoings; 3. Conceptual Conceptualism); The Musies Triptych +Treasury (1. Meet Me;  2. Museo Equis; 3. Osampo); hug fiercely the naked waves (1. #yekshab1; 2. /ˈsen(t)əns/; 3. ʌn|bʊk).

The SUITES (mostly ongoing) include: First Loves: Poetiks; The (Mega) Clandie Shoppe; The Macro-Epic Pentalogy; {La Zona: Trilogia}; The Neworld Lit Hexalogy, and Other Vangardes Œmnibus2 (an omnibus made up of omnibuses), which includes The Seasons of the Manifestoes Global Barnstorm. I’m also currently at work on a variety of suites, including: La Pentalogia del Delirio (a literary pentalogy where each book is written fully in a different language) and The Micro-Epic Decalogy. Have not forgotten my first and deep self: a purely literary tetralogy that combines traditional literary forms with subtle (and at times pretty radical) innovations in form and style, and that is envisioned to include stories, a novelacitito, a novella, and a much bigger book.

Most recently, I’ve formulated a third type of mega-constellation that I call Strings. These are grander-scale than the Series or the Suites, and can in fact integrate and include given Series or Suites. A most active String is: ¡ôwhatarevolution!, a projected multi-piece suite of works exploring, interrogating and analyzing political ‘revolution’ through various mediums, languages, strategies and discourses.

One of my favorite Strings was developed (and is nearing its end) over the past few years, all centered around Red Hook, where I have my studio. It cuts across a number of disciplines, fields, mediums and domains, specifically: literary prose, poetry, textallations, art pieces, the urbies, performance and theatre (of various kinds), and various conceptual works and radical actions. I dubbed it: The Red Hook Theater of Delirium and Post-Apocalyptic Anarchistic Unleashings and it included works across disciplines in Red Hook–works either having to do directly with Red Hook, or using Red Hook as ‘canvas’, or primarily/first taking place in Red Hook. Namely: >> hug fiercely the  naked waves (a trilogy), part of ECR’s LitStills & Textallations venture and The New Textualism movement, and which in turn included: > #yekshab1; > /ˈsen(t)əns/; > ʌn|bʊk. It included also the development and performance: >> {frst rvlt} as well as photographic works related to Red Hook: >> The RHphs. As well: iterations of the short street/public theatre piece >> The Last Bargain of Young Mephisto and various cantos of >> EPIKANOVA (my poetic epic) that either took place in Red Hook or were directly related to it, including > The HOEK. Through these years RHTDPAAU also included the art pieces/installations that took place in group shows or at Open Studios: >> The L’opera Minora CLOM; >> parts of /ˈsen(t)əns/ in The Remnants exhibition; plus the pieces I call >> The Urbies–an ongoing venture that was actually first conceived and articulated and theorized and actualized in Red Hook… Along with: >> Readings from books (literature!), and >> the Writing of many a short text/story!  And finally, the radical actions piece: >> March (to) Madness, installed… during a rainy day!