The Red Hook Theater of Delirium and Post-Apocalyptic Anarchistic Unleashings

One of my favorite Strings was developed (and is nearing its end) over the past few years, all centered around Red Hook, where I have my studio. It cuts across a number of disciplines, fields, mediums and domains, specifically: literary prose, poetry, textallations, art pieces, the urbies, performance and theatre (of various kinds), and various conceptual works and radical actions. I dubbed it: The Red Hook Theater of Delirium and Post-Apocalyptic Anarchistic Unleashings and it included works across disciplines in Red Hook–works either having to do directly with Red Hook, or using Red Hook as ‘canvas’, or primarily/first taking place in Red Hook. Namely: >> hug fiercely the  naked waves (a trilogy), part of ECR’s LitStills & Textallations venture and The New Textualism movement, and which in turn included: > #yekshab1; > /ˈsen(t)əns/; > ʌn|bʊk. It included also the development and performance: >> {frst rvlt} as well as photographic works related to Red Hook: >> The RHphs. As well: iterations of the short street/public theatre piece >> The Last Bargain of Young Mephisto and various cantos of >> EPIKANOVA (my poetic epic) that either took place in Red Hook or were directly related to it, including > The HOEK. Through these years RHTDPAAU also included the art pieces/installations that took place in group shows or at Open Studios: >> The L’opera Minora CLOM; >> parts of /ˈsen(t)əns/ in The Remnants exhibition; plus the pieces I call >> The Urbies–an ongoing venture that was actually first conceived and articulated and theorized and actualized in Red Hook… Along with: >> Readings from books (literature!), and >> the Writing of many a short text/story!  And finally, the radical actions piece: >> March (to) Madness, installed… during a rainy day!