This World is not Mad* (*I Don’t Think)

The first iteration was when I presented the question of ‘madness’ in a talk at MoMA, relating in very non-practical and much more philosophical ways, the question of the representation of madness, with philosophical and intellectual articulation of the underpinnings of what constitutes madness.

It was the time when we were working very pragmatically on the Alzheimer’s Project, but not relating it at intellectual or philosophical level to other types of perceptions and categories of deficiency or loss of capacity.

So… I brought in various artists and representations etc. and tried to do just that.

Since, this title has served as an ongoing examination (through various mechanisms and modalities of exchange) of the ways we perceive otherness, how we perceive unusual actions and events, and how we categorize the behaviors of various types of entities–from individuals to groups to corporations and nation-states. And how we represent it all…