The Musies

The Musies! The Musies!

Yes, the musies: are a ceratin TYPE of WORK–like, em, the movies, of course.

Their own field and discipline. One where artistic acumen and poetics, along with a critical and curatorial aesthetics and politics, with a very functional design ethos merge to create, again, certain types of works germane to museum practice. Musies fashion, or are built upon, certain experiences. Generate experiences in effect.

Their own thing. And the fact of conceptualizing these new types of stuff, and baptizing them, giving them names, that is, naming them, crating a whole class of possible creations, IS THE ULTIMATE ACT, really.

Generates a new prism through which to make work. A new framework through which to conceptualize and fashion work. A new universe  of thinkings and doings!

The Musies shall forever carry on!!