The Alzheimer’s Project

The Alzheimer’s Project was an innovative museum program with tremendous impact and lots of influence. A venture we created at The Museum of Modern Art, and implemented and developed with colleagues over several years.

The Alzheimer’s Project was about the creation of museum education programming for people with Alzheimer’s disease or other dementia, along with their caregivers. The bulk of the project after our own programs at MoMA was working with other museums to implement similar programming—at first across the U.S., and later acros sthe globe.

I was the manager and subsequently the director of the project and through the four years that I was involved, we did lots of workshops and talks and presentations across the world and, along the way, helped launch a lot of such programming.

We also created the website, published a multi-award-winning and groundbreaking book, and contributed to several fields—or, sub-fields. (Museum Education, Alzheimer’s Care, Dementia and Social Inclusion, Creative Aging, to name a few)

After I left MoMA, my colleagues continued the program for another three years running. Throughout our collective work, over 250 museums worldwide have instituted programs and the book was published in several translations.

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