Readatius Maximus

In the beginning, he was, if not timid, unwilling to really engage in ‘readings’. Brought up in a different era and cultural milieu, his perspective on the itinerary of books was different, and the adventure a book goes on, also different…

Not to mention that he believed he actually wrote texts that were meant to to be read silently.

That soon changed. Doing ‘readings’ was was fun. It was cool. And why not.

Variations on readings even more fun. Creating different types of ‘readings’, different types of experiences, could be even more fun!

And so: Readatius Maximun:  the theorizing of the reading practice, the ‘reading’ as an event as it pertains to contemporary literary creation, through practice. Meaning, through the creation of event,s through performance, through the actual design, implementation and performing of readations of one’s own work and others’ works, too.

Reading events that also affect the writing, that can bring novelty to performance, and to live interactions.

A ongoing reflective practice, and theorizing of an engagement…