New World Lit Lab

The New World Lit Lab is… a necessity. An urgency. A thrust into new ways of writing and new ways of thinking writing. New ways of circulating and noting and observing and scripting. The New World Lit Lab… is here. Has been here, sure, but the LAB, the ongoing explorations and invitations, is going to come into more focus. The NWLL is provocative sure, but it is welcoming, inclusive. The NWLL has a position, a stance, many stances of course, and a certain approach to engagement with others, with the Other, with different writing modalities. The NWLL wants to challenge and to be challenged.

The Lab of the New World Lit extends and expands the project of the world literature that’s been at the heart of my writings by providing a space for new manifestations, for exchanges and conversations, for other writers’ research and practice, for others’ curations and coordination of extended explorations.

And let it be said: that the work of the NWLL happens in a rhizomatic network, disseminated and distributed, posted and published and printed or public-ed in an assortment of ways on all sorts of platforms and in different arenas. Outside the confines of this simple website (!), of course. That said, the public-ed-ation, on January 1, 2022, is a symbolic launch–somewhere between its already in-progress endeavors, and an uncertain yet beauteous future–the OFFICIAL DATE OF THE PUBLICED-ATION of the NWLL. All that has come before, and all that might come after. January 1, 2022, is the date that shall go down as the official MARK of the New World Lit Lab’s not-quite-birth-but-public-reveal.