Lectures & Workshops


Invited Artist/Educator Guest Lectures & Workshops

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (November 2007)

The Grand Rapids Art Museum (February 2008),

The Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Arts (Denver, April 2008)

The Nevada Museum of Art (September 2008)

University of Nevada, Reno (September 2008)

Walker Art Center (Minnesota, October 2008)

Cape Cod Museum of Art (November 2008)

Spruill Art Center of Atlanta (November 2008)

Memphis Brooks Museum of Art (December 2008)

Mumbai, India (several museums and cultural centers, February 2009)

Phoenix Art Museum  (March 2009)

Houston Museum of Fine Arts (April 2009)

Mexico City, Museum of Modern Art (November 2009)

Mexico City, UNAM (November 2009)

Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Museum of Art (February 2010)

The Hood Museum (April 2010)

Museo Amparo, Puebla, Mexico (April 2010)

Denver Art Museum (June 2010)

Colorado Springs Art Center (June 2010)

Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego (June 2010)

Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna e contemporanea, Rome, Italy (October 2010)

La Triennale of Milan and Art for Business, Milan (October 2010)

MAMBo (Bologna Museum of Modern Art), Bologna, Italy (October 2010)

Frye Art Museum, Seattle (November 2010)

Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh (December 2010)

Conferences with personal presentations and/or workshops include:

  • Celebrating Literacy, “Art and Literacy”, New York, 2005
  • Adult Basic Education Conference, “Art and Immigrant Communities”, New York, 2005
  • Adult Basic Education Conference, “Art and Adult Literacy”, New York, 2006
  • NYCMER, “Changing Communities, Changing Museums”, New York, 2006
  • Forum on Immigration and Museum Education, “Engagement and Experiences with Art and Museums: a Framework”, New York, 2006
  • Dementia Care Conference, Chicago, 2007
  • Forum on Immigration and Museum Education: panelist/moderator, New York, 2007
  • “The Art and Science of Aging”, Grand Rapids, Michigan, February 2008
  • “The Value and Importance of Art in Healthcare”, New York, March 2008
  • American Association of Museums, Denver, April/May 2008
  • Dementia Care Conference, Los Angeles, August 2008
  • “Beyond the Word”, Alzheimer’s Services of Cape Cod annual conference on Alzheimer’s Disease Research, Cape Cod, November 2008
  • “With Art in Mind”, Phoenix, Arizona, March 2009; Keynote
  • National Center for Creative Aging, Washington D.C., March 2009
  • The National Art Education Association, April 2009
  • “Polyglottism and Literature”, New York Book Expo IV; October 2009; Keynote
  • “Manifestos Around Educational Possibilities in Art Museums”, Guadalajara, Mexico, National Museum Interpretation Conference, 2009; Keynote
  • “Engage”, Cleveland Art Museum, Cleveland, February 2010; Keynote
  • Aging in America, Chicago, March 2010
  • Alzheimer’s Association Southeast Florida Chapter, May 2010
  • “Art as Active Engagement”, VNA, Basking Ridge, New Jersey, May 2010
  • The American Association of Museums, Los Angeles, May 2010
  • National Adult Day Services Conference, Raleigh, August 2010
  • Alzheimer Europe, Luxembourg, October 2010
  • Royal Academy of Arts Symposium, London, October 2010
  • Museum Access Consortium, Metropolitan Museum of Art, January 2011
  • Imagination and the Changing Mind, The Museum of Modern Art, New York, March 2011 (upcoming)
  • National Center for Creative Aging, San Francisco, April 2011 (upcoming)

Workshops for various audiences

Versions of these workshops have been held across the U.S. in such places as Reno, NV, Los Angeles, CA, Memphis, TN, Richmond, VA, Cleveland, OH, Phoenix, AZ, Seattle, WA, Tampa, FL, Pittsburgh, PA, Chicago, IL, San Diego, CA, Denver, CO, Minneapolis, MN, and good old NYC and beyond. Internationally, lectures and workshops have been held in  various locations including Mumbai, India, Guadalajara, Mexico City and Puebla,Mexico, Rome, Bologna and Milan, Italy, and London, England. Workshops are planned for Girona in Spain, Oslo, Norway and at the Mercosur Bienale in PortoAlegre, Brazil for 2011.

* For museum professionals, curators and educators, teachers, caregivers, researchers and professionals from care organizations; for directors, managers, coordinators, family literacy and ESOL teachers, ABE teachers, mentors, volunteers from a range of institutions and non-profit organizations.


Topics include: Teaching in Galleries, Performative Gallery Talks, Art and Dementia, Arts and Literacy, Family Literacy in Museum Settings, Integrating Arts in Teaching, The Museum as a Resource, Performative Teaching, Integrating Literacy into Museum Education, Making Art Accessible for People with Alzheimer’s Disease and their Caregivers.

* With families, children, teens, college students, mentors, adults learning English or in GED settings or in alternative programs, adults with schizophrenia or dementia, people with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers, children and adults with cognitive or physical or emotional disabilities.

Topics include: Language and Art, Wild Angles, Communities Around the World, Paintings and Stories, Art and Politics, Art and Collage, Photography and Text, Writing and Art, Systems of Writing, Masks from Around the World, The Harlem Renaissance, Celebrations and Traditions, Sports in Art, Egyptian Art, Greek Art, Dance and Music through the Visual Arts, Movement, Arts and Literacy, Museums and Family Literacy, Artists and Visions.

Lectures and gallery talks onsite at MoMA, and offsite at The New York Public Library branches, and other libraries and community organizations in New York, along with various cities in the U.S. and several spots around the world, and on a variety of topics and special exhibitions in art theory and practice, art history and the relationships or art, philosophy and literature, include:

Contemporary Art


Tradition and Innovation in Art (I-IV)

French Artists Between the Wars

You Too: the Viewer on View

Literature and Art

Words, Worlds, Works

Avant-garde Movements

Photography and Narrative

Photography and Innovation

Masks and Modern Art

The Book: Theory and Practice in Modern and Contemporary Art

Abstract Expressionism


Elizabeth Murray

Pop Art


Matisse and Picasso


Beyond the Visible: Odilon Redon

Seurat to Serra

Many of these interactive lectures, sometimes with a workshop component, were adapted over the years to work with audiences with various types of cognitive development/disabilities at MoMA, at the Queens Museum of Art, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, at Queens Public Libraries, New York public libraries and social and community organizations and museums all across the country and some parts of the globe.

  • “Create-Ability”: various thematic workshops with children and adults with developmental disabilities include: People and Masks, Stories in Art, Colors and Shapes, Maps;
  • “Programs in Art and Dementia”: various programs for adults with Alzheimer’s Disease and their caregivers include: Artistic Visions, Women and Stories, Landscape and Color, Men in White, Far Away So Close, Tales in the Landscape, Stories and Paintings, Love in the Modern Key;
  • “Art inSight”: various programs with adults with sight impairments or who are blind include: Highlights from the Collection, Tradition and Innovation, Contemporary Art, Jeff Wall, What is Painting;
  • “Interpreting MoMA”, programs with deaf and hard of hearing adults include: Out of Time: Contemporary Art, Jeff Wall, Highlights from the Collection.
  • Family programs, school and teen programs at MoMA and the Met