The Kreat is the umbrella term for the overall critical engagement of all the works.

Not one particular piece per se, but really all. In the same way that ‘Critical Theory’ describes a corpus of different works from different authors and locales, and coming from multiple disciplines and points of view, The Kreat, for me, is the general framework for the critical dimension of many works. Or, works that could be listed within it, because their main essence is the critique, with or without action, that they are involved with.

From educational endeavors to some of the musies, from the literary works themselves to some of the conceptually-driven artworks that are pointedly critique-centric, these works are not only espousing certain positions and fashioning critical positions, but also represent, in some way and for sure in the long-term, a meditation on, and exploration of, the possiblities, the merits, the forms, and the impact, of critical practice.