Ensembles +

The creation of group, collectives, gatherings…

I never thought of this type of endeavor as an actual ‘project’, but as time has gone, I deem it perhaps one of the most important ones!

The conceptualization, implementation and perpetuation of collectivities, in and around different disciplines, actions, efforts, ideologies or combos thereof, should be–and is, for me now–imbued with the same poetic and critical verve dedicated to other creative projects. Crucial and consequential beyond doubt. But I now even think of the formation of literary groups and entities specifically, as PART of my literary oeuvre. Not supplemental or adjacent or ‘adjunct’ to it, but actual a thread within the work.

Not all these groups are constantly active or activated. They are not always busy or performing or working. But their existence is important–and their work meaningful. Depending on contexts and situations, the work of some may be prioritized or more visible, but all remain alert, and ready…



Chamber Lit Orchestra

Crit the Crit Circle

Documentary Practices Group

Elastic Circus of the Revolution

Hotwood Arts Residency

Kodja Raf

MOLI Research Group

Museum Innovators’ Collective

Parliament for the Emancipation of Punctuation

Poets in the Galleries (PinG)

Post Cameric Photographic Society

Risk/Dare/Experiment (RiDE)

Translation Innovation Ensemble

Xerx & Co.