The Bookist’s Alcove & BookPub

The Bookist’s Alcove & BookPub was a research and practice hub, a figurative space, and a circle of interested faculty, administrators and students at Pratt Institute who are engaged in various matters related to the book as object, idea, artwork and cultural artifact. The BookPub intertwines research and practice on campus with ongoing conversations around the past, present and future of the book through exhibitions, unique and innovative events, conversations, lectures and workshops with artists, designers and experts. Theoretical, historical and praxis-based problematics and inquiries are explored, while adventurous programs and actions are integrated into the fabric of the group’s work. The core members of the group have also been involved in the creation of a Book minor. Participants include Russ Abell, Saul Anton, Youmna Chlala, Adeena Karasick, Kyle Olmon, Amir Parsa, Tori Purcell, and Robbin Ami Silverberg