Name of company, the umbrella company.

That’s right. The company.

Troupe. Theater. Press. Production.


Here’s the ‘official’, or I should say, semi-official description:


AYPX WRX, LLC will be involved in the conceptualization, creation and production of literary works and printed matter, including pamphlets, books, limited edition books, chapbooks and new genres and forms of artists’ books, as well as commercial books. In addition, AYPX WRX will be engaged in the creation of photographic works, projects and prints, as well as video and film creations and production. AYPX WRX, LLC, also doing business as The Elastic Circus of the Revolution, will conceive and perform theatrical and performative works, bring about participatory and relational pieces that involve other parties and actors, in addition to new fusions and genres of artistic and design pieces. The company will be suited to construct artistic lines and pieces that are singular and rare, as well as design, literary and performative pieces that may be more commercial in nature. In essence, it will be involved in the creation, production and dissemination of creative/critical work.