Audacious and Mostly Unexpected Dives into these Sometimes Choppy Waters

One arena that I’ve been deeply engaged with for at least a decade and a half really, has been the Institution as such. Never thought it would actually happen though. Never thought I’d care. Certainly never thought I’d be in them in any way other that some random and marginal way. But then, once in, generating stuff, can’t help but think of the overall structures, functions, architectures etc.

Engagements and involvements in institutions also means a dedication to transforming them, using various strategies and, at different times, using a plethora of techniques and poetics of intervention!

From schools to non-profits, from The Museum of Modern Art to Pratt Institute–museums, higher education, smaller organizations: always an attempt to fashion systems and bring transformative and coherent change. Innovative programs. Structural changes. Curricular redesigns.

Never easy. Always fun, in some weird way.

I call it, Institution Design. Should become a field. Or sub-field…