Arte Scripta

Umbrella for a plethora of engagements, interventions, pedagogical and activist work with various organizations throughout the years.

Arte Scripta projects and interventions often worked to make connections between various artistic theories, histories and practices, creative and critical writing practices, and social and political relevance and change. From the East Harlem Tutorial Program to various consultancies where we would work with youth, families, adults, the focus would be on the profound relevance of creative and critical practice in any number of realmsĀ to one’s individual and communal aspirations.

Big questions. Deep dives. Nuances and ambiguities. We would never find easy or convenient answers, but dig into all relevant and controversial layers of any problematic. People from all parts of life. Various economic and ethnic and linguistic and geographic backgrounds. All believing in the relevance of inquiry, at the very least, and the possibilities of equality, freedom and action.