Alla consisted of projecting images onto a wall in uptown NYC. The images were mostly of the Dominican Republic, but also of other places. They generated conversations that were in turn at times projected next to the images–or not: they just generated conversations that allowed interaction, memories, laughs, nostalgic remembrances, debates, political opinions, and all sorts of discussion around the nature of identity and place-affiliation.

The images also created three-dimensional photo-sculptures and photo-sculptural collage/assemblages, that played on their contextual environment and the specific site: what we called the photographages: a name that also points to the haphazard and unexpected juxtapositions of a/images, b/images and the buildings and the environment, c/images and the repartee and oral exchanges .

As much about the nature of photography as the nature of what photography does–all happening in one night. A cold night too…