ʌn/bʊk is an unfettered, unhinged, unapologetic literary UnConstruction. There are no drafts. There are no compositions. No subtle weaving of sentences or thoughts or images. No reconsiderations or edits or connecting of fragments. This literary piece is a celebration of the Work as UnDraft, of the scattered as UnScattered, of the dispersed as UnDispersed. The gathering, organizing, finalizing, editing, totalizing as UnNecessary, leading to the never-really-started and yet not-unFinished resplendent ʌn/bʊk.

ʌn/bʊk is a celebration of the ability of the reader/encounterer to connect things themselves. A theory of connection. The reader-response, filling in the gaps. Imagining, as a heightened engagement, is taken to its logical extreme, where the actual story, the (un)perceived totality lies almost entirely in the imaginary act of the (un)reader. In the quirkiness of stories and substories and how they are suggested and primed. The UrBook, in effect, since it’s all about the phenomenon of reading itself—and all the infinitesimal sub-phenomena that bring joy, excitement, strangeness to reading. The dynamics that create fiction in the first place.

ʌn/bʊk unfolded in a strange way (true to its essence) throughout 2022 with a finissage/vernissage (fused!) happening in fall 2022 in a distributed way and in various (in-un)visible/manifested/published domains and places—including at Hot Wood Arts during Red Hook Open Studios.