It was twenty years ago that I, like many before me, went through the magical experience of seeing images develop in the tiny bit of solution in a tray in a very very dark, room… Not only was I taken by the slow appearance of the image, and its beauty, but by the actual tracing, the ‘writing’, of the image, and the initial ‘writing’ that had launched it before. Soon enough to realize that there was no need to put the quotation marks: photography, writing with light…

The photographic body of work is not only about the creation of a narrative about different places, or really repeating the same type of approach to image/photo creation, but fashioning new paradigms, exploring the unique parameters of the form and registers of its relationship with reality. Each instance of the photographic venture (they can occur simultaneously) puts into motion queries, research, an adventure of sorts. The photographic works in essence use the registers and the parameters unique to the medium to allow for new fashionings of the world. From the single image to multi-image narratives and bookstills, from the tools and materials used to the modes of production, dissemination and exhibition, they constitute engagements with the formal, structural and stylistic underpinnings of photographic practice, dismantle categories and overcome conventional genres and projects. The overall oeuvre constitutes a theory in motion, a discourse in constant search of the possibilities of photography in relation to its own history and those of image-making and writing in general. Photography becomes a unique language, a system of scriptural intervention, a critique of and meditation on ways of seeing, ways of knowing, and the very poetics of leaving traces – of graphism – itself.





Camino de Noche

El Nino que se Bana en la Calle




If One Day in Your Neighborhood


La Negretta


Manos de Zona

PoCa PhoSo, The Post-Cameric Photographic Society



The Admiral is Still Standing and Still Pointing his Finger