All the works related to museums.

The musies: a NEW TYPE OF work.

(Like the movies, yes. And the long years that it took to actually see this type, and conceptualize and NAME it, finally. are well worth it. The naming though; is key: in fact, is EVERYTHING: creating the new category under which one creates. A new type of critico-curatorial venture. That: the step to fashioning the category: is the biggest find, the most relevant ACT)

All should aspire to create them. They generate new experiences. Aesthetic, critical, poetic, political.

Musies: a new type of creative endeavor.


Alzheimer’s Project


Changeover’s Dilemma



Contemporary Museum Education

Double Exposures

FLOs (Flash Learning Opportunities)

GLEx Mania (Gallery Learning Experiences)

Mapping Perceptions: The MoMA Symposium

Museo Equis

Museum Innovators’ Collective

Onward with the Spunkedelic Avant-Garde Museographic Practices Oemnibus (OSAMPO)


PinG Textpiece

SEEs (Singular Educational Experiences)

Serie L

Wider Angles