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Overall title for how I’ve conceived of my work, my ‘agency’, in museum education and museum work throughout the years: Avant-Garde Museum Education.

This  has involved a variety of endeavors, including a class of the same name I conceived and implemented at Pratt (title changed to Museum Collaborations), itself part of new suites of classes designed for museum studies and a minor at Pratt.

AME was also the name of  talk I gave at The Frick, a wildish, clarion call-ish, manifesto-ish lecture which allowed me to synthesize in an adventurous way some of the more important concepts and new frameworks.

and for the video:

In a way, I plan to cease excessive work in this realm, and plan to ‘retire’ or suddenly stop in 2019, fifteen years after I started. I’m bringing it all into OSAMPO: Onward with the Spunkedic Avant-Garde Museum Practices Oemnibus…