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If One Day in your Neighborhood

If one Day in your Neighborhood 

I can’t get over, I mean, can NOT get over, still, the straight-up, real straight-up, charm of photographic practice: the reading of the world through its lens (literal and metaphorical): the creation of a body of work that brings forh single images and groupings, that, through the unique possibilities and parameters of photographic practice, allow us to see the world in all its wonder and absurdity.  That’s where If One Day in Your Neighborhood I comes in. Still critical though. As theoretical as it can be, it is in constant mode of not just snapping the shot, but also rethinking the nature of the document, the nature of the relationship of the viewer to the subject etc…  Innovation here can be more stylistic (within the parameters of the scale and color schemes etc…) rather than formal, or discoursal, which, believe me, I’m into.

I think of them all, in terms of the actual content of the image, the gathering, the putting together, as phroems: photoglyphs and phroems. With photography was to fashion veritable poetic works: whether through the bringing together of images, or through operations wrought upon one or multiple images… ‘Sonnets’, for example or ghazals…  The nature of the poetic totality though could not be a pure analogy with alphabetically-defined poetic genres. Even though I didn’t want to resort to a generic ‘poetic’ness of the photogphic image: there had to be more rigor, or more of an attempt, at capting what constitutes the poetic in photography, through its own language. Articulated through itself, and not thorugh a translation, or a critique. The temptation, at first, was to assemble series of images with similar content, and mysterious, enigmatic captings. To obvious, and it didn’t work… The way was to allow the full range of possiblities, from one image to multiples, and for the poeticness, to come through some overall series of operations: the hanging, the exhibition, the ensemble of the experience of the works… Hybrids, of poem, prose, and photorgraphy… with the ultimate point of creating a corpus, that then allows, much later, a potential study of the poetic in photography…