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Camino de Noche

Camino de Noche uses specific parameters to create a distinct visual and textured experience of ‘A Walk’ in the Zona. Presented as ‘one’ walk, one grand circle, it is nevertheless a composite of multiple walks in those same areas, at different times.Camino de Noche is a capitulo of the phototextual epic Zona|Still. It consists of photographic images, and groupings of images, that constantly reexamine the potential of  ‘street photography’ in the image making realm.

Specifically, it creates agency for particular parameters  to render scenes: a combination of hand movement, natural light, long exposures, and specific scenes that make for a haunting and unique ‘capturing’ of the Zona, where the ‘signature’ is actually present–the process inscribed in the trace-making. A signature that reveals the ‘photographist’ at work: a meta-signature…